2018 Schedule – Version 2
Date Away Home Venue Fri Time Sat Time
Jan 27 Charlotte Tigers Wando A Cario 1:00pm
Charlotte Tigers Wando B Cario 2:15pm
Charlotte Tigers Wando JV Cario 3:30pm
Feb 3 Chapel Hill Wando A Cario 2:00pm
Chapel Hill Wando B Cario 3:15pm
Feb 9-10 Columbia South Greenville Irmo 7:00pm
Greenville Irmo Irmo 8:30pm
James Island Wando B Cario 10:45am
Spring Hill Wando A Cario 12:00pm
Ravens Bishop England Bishop England 12:00pm
Lexington Wando C Bishop England 1:15pm
Feb 16-17 South Greenville Irmo Irmo 7:00pm
Columbia Spring Hill Spring Hill 11:00pm
Lexington Wando B Spring Hill 12:30pm
James Island Ravens Cario 11:00am
Greenville Wando A Cario 12:30pm
Wando C Bishop England Cario 2:00pm
Feb 23-24 Lexington Ravens Bishop England 7:00pm
James Island Bishop England Bishop England 8:30pm
South Greenville Spring Hill Piney Grove 7:00pm
Greenville Columbia Piney Grove 8:30pm
Wando B Wando C Irmo 11:00am
Wando A Irmo Irmo 12:30pm
Ruggerfest weekend in Matthews, NC
Sat Mar 2 Wando A Myers Park Mecklenburg SportsPlex TBD
Sun Mar 3 Wando A Union County Mecklenburg SportsPlex TBD
March 10 Wando A Charlotte Catholic Charlotte Catholic 1:00pm
Wando B Charlotte Catholic Charlotte Catholic 2:15pm
March 16-17 Spring Hill Irmo Irmo 11:30am
Bishop England Lexington Piney Grove 7:00pm
Wando A Columbia Piney Grove 8:30pm
South Greenville Greenville Greenville 7:00pm
Ravens Wando B Cario 7:00pm
James Island Wando C Cario 8:30pm
March 23-24 Irmo Columbia Piney Grove 7:00pm
Wando B Bishop England Bishop England 7:00pm
Spring Hill Greenville South Greenville 11:00am
Wando A South Greenville South Greenville 12:30pm
Ravens Wando C James Island 11:00am
Lexington James Island James Island 12:30pm
March 30-31 Irmo Greenville Greenville 7:00pm
South Greenville Columbia Greenville 8:30pm
Wando B James Island James Island 11:00am
Bishop England Ravens James Island 12:30pm
Wando C Lexington Spring Hill 12:00pm
Wando A Spring Hill Spring Hill 1:30pm
April 2-6 Spring Break
April 6-7 James Island Ravens Ravens 7:00pm
Bishop England Wando C Ravens 8:30pm
Spring Hill Columbia Spring Hill 11:00am
Wando B Lexington Spring Hill 12:30pm
Irmo South Greenville Greenville 11:00am
Wando A Greenville Greenville 12:30pm
April 13-14 Columbia Greenville South Greenville 7:00pm
Spring Hill South Greenville South Greenville 8:30pm
Bishop England James Island James Island 11:00am
Ravens Lexington James Island 12:30pm
Wando C Wando B Cario 11:00am
Irmo Wando A Cario 12:30pm
April 20-21 Greenville South Greenville South Greenville 7:00pm
Irmo Spring Hill Spring Hill 12:00pm
Wando B Ravens Cario 11:00am
Columbia Wando A Cario 12:30pm
Wando C James Island Bishop England 11:00am
Lexington Bishop England Bishop England 12:30pm
April 27-28 Columbia Irmo Irmo 7:00pm
James Island Lexington Spring Hill 11:00am
Greenville Spring Hill Spring Hill 12:30pm
Bishop England Wando B Cario 11:00am
South Greenville Wando A Cario 12:30pm
Wando C Ravens Cario 2:00pm
May 5 RSC Semi-finals
May 12 RSC Finals & MSIRL Semi-finals
May 13 MSIRL Championship


Rugby South Carolina Divisions
Division 1 Division 2
Columbia Bishop England
Greenville James Island
Irmo Lexington
South Greenville Ravens
Spring Hill Wando B
Wando A Wando C
MSIRL Conferences
East West
Chapel Hill Phoenix (Alpharetta)
Charlotte Catholic East Cobb (Atlanta)
Charlotte Tigers Irmo
Myers Park (Charlotte) Greenville
Union County (Charlotte) Knoxville
Wando A South Greenville
Rugby South Carolina Format
Each team plays all teams in their Division twice (home & away)
Kickoff times may change due to referee availability
MSIRL games are highlighted in blue
Each team plays 5 conference games & 1 cross-conference game
Top 2 teams in each conference play in Semis & Finals (criss-cross 1’s vs 2’s)
MSIRL playoffs dates are TBD (tentatively May 12 & 13 at Clemson)
Ruggerfest Info
We will be spending the weekend in Charlotte
Definitely Sat night, and most likely Friday night
Team hotels to be announced
Spring Break
We have games during Spring Break!!!
The A Team has a difficult game at Greenville



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