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By Allyn Freeman | 09.15.14

The XV Facts To Tell Your Parents About Rugby

  1. Your size is perfect for at least three positions.
  2. Playing rugby in high school increases your chances of playing the sport in college. (Almost every college in America has a rugby club for men and many for women.)
  3. Many college programs count rugby as a bona fide extracurricular activity.
  4. Rugby teaches safe tackling, football promotes collision courses.
  5. High school rugby allows time for a teenager’s body to grow.
  6. There are significantly fewer injuries in rugby than soccer, football or lacrosse.
  7. Everyone plays in a rugby game, no sitting on the bench in expensive lacrosse kit.
  8. Rugby teaches respect; respect the game, the opponent, and ones self.
  9. You can play rugby at any level and at any age until you decide to hang up the boots. Playing days do not end after high school or college.
  10. Rugby comprises a true band of brothers and sisters throughout the world. (The IRB lists 95 rugby-playing nations).
  11. You travel like any other high school team.
  12. There’s always the possibility of an international rugby tour to other nations.
  13. A team can compete in sectional, state, and national high school championships.
  14. Players can be selected as local, state, and national All-Stars.
  15. It is fun – lots of fun.
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